Toronto, March 1, 2019 — Delphax Solutions, Inc., a digital inkjet press designer and manufacturer, today announced a series of new reseller, agent and technology partner programs.

Whether you are looking to offer the Elan 500 HD color inkjet press to your customers as a reseller or agent, you are a print dealer network wishing to represent the Elan printing solution to your dealers, or you would like to collaborate with us on innovative printing solutions, we have a partnership to meet your needs.


Become a strategic partner of Delphax, and prosper with our superior digital printing technology as a distributor or reseller. Exclusive regional opportunities are available in North America and Europe.


Have domain expertise in printing? Consult large organizations on their printing needs? By representing Delphax, you receive full access to our hardware, software, managed services, solutions and supplies. We will assist in the delivery of comprehensive post-sales service and technical support to your customers.


At Delphax Solutions, we are constantly innovating and recognize that forming strategic technology partnerships is one of the best ways to continue this momentum. 

Delphax currently have partnerships with Memjet, BDT and Global Graphics. We partner with Memjet to use their print technology to produce high-speed, high-volume color output with the Elan. We partner with the advanced feeding equipment from BDT. And we partner with industry leading RIP solutions from Global Graphics.

Become a strategic technology partner of Delphax, and let’s innovate together leveraging our superior digital printing technology and press.

Richard Lee, CEO of Delphax Solutions, Inc., said: “We’re excited about offering a variety of ways for others with domain expertise in printing to partner with us. Taking this open and transparent approach gives us reach into geographic areas we don’t currently cover and gives us critical representation from other credible experts in the global digital printing marketplace. Together, we can work together and better offer smart printing technology solutions to a wider field more efficiently.”

Added Lee, “Currently, we’re focused on the North American sales market, and plan to roll out our Elan flagship product to other regions around the world in due course. That said, we would welcome interested parties for Europe. Moreover, in terms of technology partnerships, we recognize that we’re not experts in everything and want to leverage the knowledge of other experts, especially in the printing ares of pre- and post finishing innovations, which can support bespoke configurations for the Elan to meet the customer’s needs. And so, we would welcome interested technology parties to join us in that effort, as we understand that the printer is just one element in the solution profile of the customer.”

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