Toronto, January 1, 2019 — Delphax Solutions, Inc., a digital inkjet press designer and manufacturer, today announced a use case study featuring direct mail leader CompuMail, Inc, based in Concord, California.

“The Elan helped us deliver a 94% increase in productivity.”

CompuMail, Inc. mails over 100 million letters annually for hospitals, financial institutions, and direct marketers.

CompuMail was facing a number of printing productivity issues, including a need for faster equipment, lower printing costs, and the elimination of outdated workflow technology.  In short, CompuMail needed to solve speed, productivity and reliability issues. 

CompuMail purchased the Elan because of its lower acquisition cost, its flexibility of running cut-sheet with different sizes of paper weights, its printing reliability via non-contact paper process of the ink to paper. Note: The Elan uses a jetting process so there is no contact of the paper, which means no detriment to the parts of the printer.

Andrew Morrell, President & COO of CompuMail, Inc., said: “The transition from toner to inkjet was a seamless integration. Excellent quality and throughput allowed us to reduce our cost and increase our color production in no time. What’s more, the color consistency from first sheet to last sheet is incredible, and the quality has allowed us to move into new markets. Our customers demand quick turnaround. The Elan has allowed us a 94% increase in productivity over our previous legacy printing equipment.”

Continued Morrell, “Because of the Elan, we are able to meet or exceed our goal of a 24-hour turnaround print job timeline. Printing in full color is extremely important to us, especially because it allows us to be in full compliant with state and federal regulatory guidelines. The Elan has also allowed us to use its 2-up format, which has doubled our productivity. In addition, it’s important for us to process large variable format data files and the incredible speed of the Elan RIP allows us to do that.

Integrating the Elan was a seamless process. Utilizing a PDF workflow, CompuMail was up and running within 2 weeks of installation. One of the key reasons for such efficiency is because the Elan’s GUI interface allows the operator to queue the print job and switch over to a new job rather  easily.

Compared to other legacy equipment, the Elan has a small footprint at 22′ long and 5′ feet wide which means a low power consumption, low CO2 emissions, and low use of water-based ink. 

Normally the ROI on a press of this size is 7 years. With the Elan, CompuMail was able to realize its ROI in 5 years because of its low acquisition cost and increased productivity.

Added Morrell, “The consistency and quality of the Elan’s output — from the first sheet to last sheet, from week to week from month to month — is nothing short of impressive. It’s a production workhorse at an affordable price, and Delphax’s support is top notch. I have no problem in recommending the Elan.”

Richard Lee, CEO of Delphax Solutions, Inc., said: “We’re pleased to be helping CompuMail be a game-changer for their customers. We’re proud to provide them with an unwavering commitment that is creating the ultimate path that distances them from the competition. We’re happy to support them as if they were our only client with a dedicated team of experienced professionals — offering fast, responsive and customized service to ensure a measurable ROI.”

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